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April: I haven't been fair to you, I know. And I've really hurt you. Jackson: And you're getting married. April: and then that bus exploded and I thought you were gone. Unless you can give me a reason not to. Grey's Anatomy quotes.

I almost started to cry because I thought Jackson was dead but now hes not and now we can get Japril back!

General: Dr. Meredith Grey, Dr. Miranda Bailey, Dr. Richard Webber Neuro: Dr. Derek Shepherd  Ortho: Dr. Calliope Torres   Peds: Dr. Arizona Robbins,   Dr. Alex Karev  Trauma: Dr. Owen Hunt,  Dr. April Kepner  Plastics: Dr. Jackson Avery  Cardio: Dr. Cristina Yang  Interns...

Oh yeah and add lexie to neuro, george to trauma, and mark to plastics and now the GA cast is complete!