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"I've got you!" My dog used to do this when he was a puppy.

I think they bought it. They still think we are meercats.

Sometimes it really creeps me out when they do this for long periods of time.

Christmas dachshund! "Your trying to tell me I'm not the tree? Wha?

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Dappled Dachshund,,,,soooooooo cute!!!


Dapple dachshund, looks just like my Mingo when he was a baby! And his name is Schroeder, so cute!

Kids and dogs; both love unconditionally.

German Shepherds are loyal probably the best dogs but you just need to train them-they will give their life for you-so go and hug your dog-and wish it is a German shepard

Doxie❤️. I want to stay outside and play. If I stand real still they won't see me. Right?

A lovely photograph of a Dachshund by some foliage. PP: **Bokeh ~ Beautiful Dachshund