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Chicago Fire

Check out the synopsis and the official promotional photos of Chicago Fire episode 19 "A Coffin That Small". This episode airs on Wednesday, March

Severide and Shay || Chicago Fire || ALWAYS || 3x01

Firehouse 51 was rocked to the core last night. ` Pisssses me offff! Why kill off Shay and then Severide can't act right. Freakin ruined the whole show. You don't kill off a main character, you kill off an almost main character.


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Dawson: Can I get you a beer? Casey: Club soda. Solidarity! Dawson: Yeah, see how long that last. Severide: Club soda, huh? What’s next, dad jeans? (4x03)

Dawson: Yeah, see how long that last. What’s next, dad jeans?

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