Alternate universe tattoo

au where everyone is born with a unique tattoo, when you fall in love with someone their tattoo appears on your body

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Nightvale, giving the world writing prompts since the worm was birthed in pen. It wants to write. You thought YOU were writing this whole time?


I read a fanfic with this idea but I don't remember what it was, not even the ship. I do remember the person had the same name on both their wrists, so that was super interesting<<<Soulmate AU

The really bad lady villain with the crazy past that has nothing to do it men corrupting her

Writing prompt.

Maybe while your working on changing the characters end, he/she slowly falls in love with you and doesn't want to go back.

Jayne sells her soul to save her younger brother. Satan agrees to this and they form a friendship. She hunts for him and returns to hell every time she catches someone or something so she can stay young. She eventually finds out that her brother was taken to hell years ago  and she wages war on satan with his own prisoners

My friend Satan.

This writing prompy is frickin awesome! My friend Satan.<---that book would probably cause a bunch of controversy with Christians, but I would still read it!

This has Friends written all over it.

Anyone else think of catch perfect by George DeValier with the Nordics?>>>> the Avengers fit terribly well

I see your little Voltron excerpt at the top, but I'm going to put this under writing, because PREACH

I needed this. Because I'm not bilingual and didn't know

I believe alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is less so

Funny pics, memes and trending stories

This, but it's 5 roommates, four are aliens and the human one is super artistic/eccentric

I don't think I've ever seen a writing prompt that I love more than this. I want to write this so bad

And then all of the demons slowly become more protective of this person until they become the most powerful human to ever live

I would love to write this! I just need to change and deepen the plot a bit more - DA

I would love to write this! I just need to change and deepen the plot a bit more - DA Vampire helps a person with anemia

I thought that was going to be beautiful, but then the Tumblr Plot Twist happened!!!

This would literally be Cecil// Oh no Cecil would most likely share it with Carlos. I think Old Woman Josie might share hers to keep his cat alive. << Actually, I think it's Magnus Bane. CHAIRMAN MEOW SHALL LIVE FOREVER.

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