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Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home- Harry Potter

Hogwarts by ofelia

And I will be waiting for Hogwarts..for the fogs to lift ..its there in the horizon.It is as certain to me as heaven is to some people..its my happy place.Its not my place of escape.Its the place where I can be me,the place that makes me want to be a better version of myself..

Home sweet home.

please someone take me these places? Please?

Hogwarts last picture in HP 4 &

HP ♡

HP ♡


You know you're a potterhead when you started off calling Draco Malfoy just Malfoy and now you call him Draco

Harry Potter quotes

My most fave Harry Potter quote is Snape's "Always." I remember my heart breaking into million pieces when I read that part. No one appreciates always like a castle/Harry potter fan


Harry Potter has reached out to an estimate of 200 countries, spoke out in over 69 languages and has touched the lives of more than 400 million people. It is the phenomenon that ignores race, age, gender or religion and it has brought us together despite all our differences. We are the Harry Potter generation. ϟ

Rowling is a hero.

harry potter

He greeted death as an old friend

Hogwarts Alumni: The Hogwarts Ghost

Another thing the movies left out.<<<<not true they had them in the first movie

mandy moore - i see the light

Harry Potter-Tangled cross over

Harry Potter

Harry Potter: Going Home?

Randomness Is Awesomeness

Randomness Is Awesomeness

the Harry Potter version of a dad joke

Harry Potter love and humor


Chamber of Secrets, Hogwarts Express

Harry Potter is even more clever than we thought!!  Speaking of numbers, seven is a fairly important one in the Harry Potter series.

21 Times "Harry Potter" Was The Cleverest Book Series Ever

Speaking of numbers, seven is a fairly important one in the Harry Potter series. - 21 times Harry Potter was the cleverest book series ever