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40 Stylish Hippie Casual Outfits

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lgbt-equality-for-everyone: Welcome ALL [A sign reads, ‘WELCOME. All sizes. All colors. All ages. All cultures. All sexes. All beliefs. All religions. All types. All people. SAFE HERE’

Why The Baby Boomers Are Responsible For Gen-Y's Problems

The Hippy Look of the 60s & 70s - I was 15 in 1970 and LOVED the hippie look!  It stayed through my later years, and I had several bell bottom pants and hippie shirts.

The Hippie Era- 1969

Wide bell-bottom jeans and personalized embroidered or psychedelic jeans reflected the hippie way of life.

The Woodstock Festival

"Woodstock was a pale pot scene. This is a heavy hallucinogens scene." – 25 Amazing Photos Captured Daily Life at the Powder Ridge Rock Festival, 1970

I want to live in the 70's #hippies

Hippy Fashion Style -- bell bottom pants, fringed suede vests, fur coats, maxi gauge skirt and halter top with flowers & braids in her hair.