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I saw this, laughed, then went and listened to the song to see how terrible it was... needless to say it is now one of my favorite songs.

my sister loves lorde and it's not like I find lorde terrible or anything but she genuinely confuses the fuck out of me

My gf gave herself the nickname of Bat Bike😂Cuz she's a BIcycle, and considers herself the original form of transportation Batman ever used.

It's true, that's pretty much how five year old me reacted with some chickens, thank goodness for my mom being there

Does this explain why when I was little I wanted to bite my brothers head cause it was so cute?


Everybody gets a meme

But literally EVERY girl will freak out because they'd think that they bled through, even if they're not on their period because periods are bitches and can come early/irregularly.