Doomfist's Return in a Nutshell>>>Just because Doomfist isn't voiced by Terry Crews, it doesn't mean you can't make Old Spice memes

Doomfist's Return in a Nutshell

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When overwatch stuff comes up in your recommended and suddenly you realize this website even has overwatch (duh) and start fan-girling

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overwatch: I just realized that Mercy and Zenyatta, two of the major supports, would end up being Genji's surrogates

Can someone translate what sombra is saying? And dear god, "you can't hack the sun sombra" killed me. Maybe the moon because it looks mechanical, I noticed that in the dragons animated shot.

Ana reactions to Pharmacy

Ana's reaction to Pharmacy

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overwatch/// Awwww poor mercy she was left alone with the scariest thing in the planet a pack of bastions

As a kid the struggle was real

Ya, that's me. I post lots of overwatch, mostly mercy. if you have any issues with anything here, plz dm me, thanks.

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