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just the begining ~ nature's silent, swift, aerial acrobat capable of amazing navigation thru woods of twisted, tangled trees w/grace & elegance & incredible speed & agility!!!

The previous pinner had this description "Tawny Frogmouth Owl" --> Its not an owl! Its just a tawny frogmouth! And its adorable!


Theres a sweet curiosity to baby owls. I love them! I want one so bad!

Sophie the Spaniel and Baby Eagle Owl Bramble are best friends. Click the link to read the full story.

In beak condition: Sophie the spaniel befriends baby owl Bramble - by licking her clean every day

A baby owl is kept looking spruce thanks to her friend Sophie the spaniel, who licks her clean every day. The pair have become inseparable since Bramble, the baby eagle owl, was taken in at a bird of prey centre.