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Did she just ask if chocolate milk comes from a chocolate cow? lol been there done that had argument that milk comes from cows miss 3 say does not it comes for the shop


This is for you Katie L. This is the baby cow you need for your new house! He would be cute in your back yard. Look at the heart!

Miniature Hereford Cow and Her Calf

Miniature Hereford Cow and Her Calf

This is my miniature hereford cow, her name is Moon and her calf is named Otto. I grew up on a farm and cows happen to be my favorite animal.

White heart on baby cow... he would be my love bug!

White heart on baby cow

Valentines Day Calf This little ox calf was born at Yamakun Farm near Tokyo, Japan a few years ago with a large white heart shaped patch of hair on it’s forehead.

Brown Swiss

i can only die happily if at one point in my life i own a baby brown swiss