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I want to be a Navajo Churro Sheep Happy Hollow Park & Zoo - San Jose, CA Sister of: Daughter of: When I Grow Up.


Tales from the Yarn Shop

Shrek! The New Zealand sheep who lived in caves for 6 years, and looked like this when he was discovered in 07/13! This experienced farmer gave him a nice gentle shear, and he is probably much more comfortable!

This New Zealand sheep avoided shearing for 6 years by hiding in caves . it had enough fleece for 20 suits when it was finally sheared. Hopefully it felt a bit cooler and lighter afterwards! Hiding in caves. i love it.

Lamb...I can't wait to learn how to care for these sweet little things!

I just wanna' be a sheep, baa-baa. I just wanna' be a sheep, baa-baa. Cuz Jesus loves a sheep, baa-baa. I just wanna be a sheep.