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"Never Miss a Good Opportunity to Shut Up" Burlap Print by GalleryWrapps

I am so tired of these bitches coughing all over.  Stay at home with your sick ass.

Free, Workplace Ecard: Bitch better stay away from my desk with those "flu-like symptoms.


This is a series post of 100 string light ideas. In the third part Birddog Lighting gives several DIY string light hacks that you can use all over you home.


Honestly, this wouldn't work. Unless your locks unlocked the opposite way of all other locks. Then you'd be brilliant because you created a lock that unlocks the opposite way. Otherwise, having six locks is just paranoid. They're going to break in anyway.

Context matters.

Context matters.

Haha this is hilarious. You can't not laugh at this! Lol, too funny!


You are my sunshine reclaimed wood sign - for Sophia Great project for the barn wood sitting in the garage!

love this and especially bc I think LOL is way over used and its mildly annoying....Funny (SALTS)

love this and especially bc I think LOL is way over used and its mildly annoying.Funny (SALTS) Oh, yeah!

Spread that stuff like crazy ;)

Thanks to Wedding Dress Designer Kate Halfpenny, we can confirm that Luna & Curious on Calvert Avenue in Shoreditch, will soon be in receipt of some promotional copies of Issue to hand out to interested parties.

I need to remember to stand up for myself more and be less of a peacekeeper.

Random quotations

this is NOT an eminem quote. It's Winston Churchill. Eminem re-quoted him and people always mistake this for his quote. But I still really like the quote.