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I love a young caleb

I love a young caleb

Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody                                           One of my favs...

Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody (Official Video) I really like this song- there is a local cover band where I live that actually does this song better!

Kings of Leon's music video for "Back Down South" - Hair by owner of Parlour & Juke, Cali DeVaney

Kings Of Leon - Back Down South. this song makes my life , i need to go to a little field party :(

Kings of Leon ~ Closer (not in book but I think it should be on the soundtrack)

Kings of Leon - Cold Desert [A very special song for me] "Jesus don't love me. No one ever carried my load. I'm too young to feel this old" That line speaks so much truth for me.

Kings of Leon Print A4 Art Prints Approx 297 x by MrPanesarDesign #illustration #design #print #etsy

Kings of Leon Print Art Prints - Approx 297 x 210 mm Band Posters…

*People Call Us Renegades Cause We Like Livin Crazy*  - Kings Of Leon/Knocked Up #Lyric

One of my fave kings of leon songs holds a lotta memories, that's for sure

*Love Means Nothing Unless There Is Something Worth Fighting For...* - Kings Of Leon/Beautiful War

Fireworks are reactions that happen in the sky. The comparison is fireworks and the person the song is about are both special, unique, and beautiful, but if mis treated both can hurt you. A firework can explode, and so can a person's emotions.

Kings of Leon: "Revelry"

Some of my happiest moments have been while watching Kings of Leon perform.