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Cow With Her Young Calf: "Nuzzling Love Time Together. little did the mother know her son would soon be caught, killed, hung up side down, skinned and chopped up into bits for other mammals enjoyment.


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Mom and ducklings. (KO) Mama duck keeps her babies warm and safe. I'll bet it's toasty under her soft, strong wings. What a good little mama!

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Zebu mother and calf by Tambako the Jaguar Even if they aren’t big cats, I really like this photo! Shows mother-child love well!

gorgeous little lambs (or goat kids?)

sweet little Boer Goat kids Boer Goats are very sweet even as adults.

cows always see no boundrys when it comes to the young. FYI, when all the cows are out in the field feeding, they appoint 1 cow to serve as "babysitter" for all the young, and this very important job rotates daily from 1 mom to another! I love cows!

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Common site around Mohican. Sort of calming, appeals to one's nostalgic fantasy of a simpler life. Amish boy driving a horse-drawn wagon in Amish country Ohio. Textured Amish Wagon by ~braxtonds Photography / Urban & Rural / Country Life