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50 Warm Up Drawing Practice Sheets. Great for sharpening drawing skills, both before or after class. $5 for 50-page pdf file.

Warm Up Practice Sheets $5

one skill needed for realistic drawing is the ability to look at shapes and draw them for what they are."{drawing worksheets} Older students would benefit from these as well.

Daily Prompts:  Warm-up pages to go with Drawing with Children at Donna Young. Just what I wanted to find.

Drawing Ia - Printable Lessons to teach children how to draw ~ 2 options: "Drawing for ages 8 & younger" ~ as well as "Drawing for ages 9 & older"

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Squaring Up Making a Grid This is an excellent tool to practice making lines and learning how to shade. Sometimes in art class we would fill in the open parts and leave the shades parts open.

Terrific one and two point perspective lessons. (Yeah, art is ready to go for Wednesday!) We already did our own one point and were going to play with two point next. Fun!

two-point perspective worksheet: dice and other worksheet printables value, one point perspecetive, etc

Art Warm Ups & Rituals -Teach them about the joy of practice. Practice makes anything easier. Practice builds self-esteem. Practice builds confidence.

Art Rituals in the Classroom. Paper states reasons to begin each art class with observational drawing activity, end with art history .

Elements of Abstract Art roll the dice game.

Art Lesson: Elements Abstracts

Use this "Roll and Draw" sheet to create a unique abstract work of art using the elements of art.