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River coffee table made of old solid timber. Filled with transparent epoxy resin and blue transparent glass. Legs made of metal coated with mat black colour.  It's unique, one of a kind solid piece of wood. The unique combination of tree rings to bring out the effect of the variety of colors.  Dimensions: 98x84 cm and 40 cm height (centimeters) 38,5x33 in and 15,8 in height (inches)

Live edge river coffee table with transparent epoxy inlay

(TR) Transparent Epoxy, Clear Epoxy Resin
— Ever wish you could make the magnificent beauty of...
Lotus float table
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Mesa De Resina Epoxi único de 6 personas

Details about Unique 6 person epoxy resin table

Feathers in resin                                                                                                                                                      More
Metallic Epoxy - Electric Blue - Navy - with Glow in the dark Blue Ice Pigment added to the Epoxy.
Office desk w: color infused epoxy top - mixing in paint (click for more details)
The Abyss Table by Duffy London is a conversation piece as much as a functional one. But while previous works play with gravity, this new design is concerned with depth, and creates a geological cross-section (…) Read more
Glowing table resin mixed with luminous blue dye! I am over the moon about this idea!

Glowing table

Stunning table with epoxy resin- want to try DIY on this project