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Online marketing en online verkopen hoeft niet hetzelfde te zijn als zelfverrijking tegen de klippen op. Eerlijk online zakendoen. Het kan. Nee, het moet.
Recovery is about addressing your mind body & soul. Here are 21 Ways to Nourish Your Body and Elevate Your Mind

21 Ways to Nourish Your Body and Elevate Your Mind #infographic

The best 6 doctors: Sunshine ~ Water ~ Rest ~ Air ~ Exercise ~ Diet ~•~ Nature's Medicine
Click the pin to READ ALL 10 TIPS and activities for practicing mindfulness in your life even when you’re stressed, worried, or overwhelmed. Use these mindfulness tips to bring meditation and zen living to your lifestyle. Go to to find out more about inspiration, authenticity, fulfillment, manifesting your dreams, getting rid of fear, intuition, self-love, self-care, relationships, affirmations, positive quotes, life lessons, & mantras.

10 Ways to Practice Mindfulness and Reduce Anxiety + Printable Mindfulness Worksheets

Slowly and deliberately                                                       …
Feng Shui To Add Energy To Your Wishes | The Tao of Dana
Should you appreciate getting rid of anxiety you'll will appreciate this cool website!
10 Ways To Declutter Your Mind - Do you ever feel overwhelmed, stressed and unable to focus or make decisions. Chances are your mind is too cluttered. Here are 10 simple ways to clear up your mind and find your inner zen.

10 Ways to Declutter Your Mind