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DIY: Polka Dot Nursery Wall

what a fun christmas card idea! Great for Christmas cards! Idea for christmas card Great photo idea & Christmas card idea!

Start and keep a nice white light theme going...

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First day of school

11 Fun Back-to-School Traditions to Start with Your Kids This Year

First day of school photo idea. Do this once a year, make a photobook, and give it to them for a graduation/wedding present.

Soften the flash with a piece of paper

35 Awesome DIY Photography Hacks

Camera- business card: have to try this trick.How to use a business card to bounce light up to create a nice overall illumination, while some of the light penetrates directly through the card, disperses and lights the subject from the front.

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"Delighting in God’s Word is meant to form us into people whose lives bring delight to God. Sessions with Psalms by Eric & Alicia Porterfield

Picture of your little girl in your wedding dress to show at her wedding...omg id cry

A sweet way to "wear your mom's dress" at your wedding.Photograph your little girl in your wedding gown to later display at her wedding.what a SWEET, SWEET, idea!