Truro, Cornwall

Truro, Cornwall - just up the road is my favourite Lush shop ever, the one I used to work in.

TRURO CATHEDRAL: 'Truro’s Victorian masterpiece is the first Anglican cathedral to be built on a new site since Salisbury Cathedral began to rise from the ground in 1220. It needed to be impressive: for 800 years Cornwall had been denied its own bishop, and decades of intense lobbying finally paid off when, in 1877, the diocese of Cornwall (which had last been held at St Germans, in the 10th century) was finally re-established on Cornish soil, at Truro.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Truro is an Anglican cathedral located in the city of Truro, Cornwall.

Truro Cathedral from Boscawen Park. Photo by Tim Green aka atoach

Truro Cathedral - lucky enough to be there from One of the most beautiful parts of the world! Brilliant view of it as you come into Truro on the train, espeically at night. Endless memories of fantastic concerts and services there.