vintage games displayed on kid's room wall.

vintage games in the kids room - Or a game room.this would be cool at my parents house but we still play old games so having them on the wall might not work too well but I love the idea!

How Do You Organize Your Board Games & Puzzles?

vintage board game board display- awesome idea for a playroom/games room

Use pretty wire baskets as shelves for bits and pieces, maybe cookbooks

Wire baskets 4 bathroom, hall, kitchen, outside. fab flippen tastic now 2 find wire baskets cheap in NI ;

Ralfefarfars paradis: Nytt teppe.....

Great use of wallpaper on accent wall in children's bedroom. Horse print wallpaper perfect for horse or animal lovers.

Lovely colours for a children's room.

Epic IKEA Hacks for Kids Rooms & Nurseries

Every little room needs a POP of color! Use vintage game boards on the wall as art.

i love little miss heirlooms website and i love this vintage game wall- perfect for playroom

Great like this or make two and hinge together

Kids love their own little nook. This looks like an easy and inexpensive idea for thwir bedroom or playroom. Adorable space for reading. Paint it for them in their favourite theme and give them lots of cozy blankets ❤

Kids can play hopscotch, climb through a tree, or crawl on a snake in this bright play park!  For more information on Center Stage play parks, visit:

An indoor soft play park. A mall soft play area. The best soft play area.

Most of us have spent a lot of time playing board games, that quality time with family and friends during the holidays that we still remember from time to time, and just smile when those memories come up to our minds. But board games with missing pieces are useless, you can't play scrabble with missing tiles, and you can't play monopoly with missing property cards, so what can you do with these old board games? You have many options, you can keep it on shelves somewhere and forget abo...

12 Clever & Creative Ideas To Repurpose Old Board Games

MODify: Make Your Own Easy Game Board Shelves 3 Ways, DIY Simple Shelving. Use children's old game boards in play room.

PAINTING IKEA FURNITURE (via ) - love the idea of color-coding space for each child


Great idea for the playroom

Frame boardgames and attach the pieces to the back. Functional decoration for the playroom. Con - walls getting scratched