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Enjolras and Grantaire shit this is so good someone please teach me to draw like this

Grantaire and Enjolras fanart. Looks like the book scene before they die.

Les Mis - It Seems to Me by =nitefise on deviantART

You'd think Monsieur le Maire is all nice and gentleman-like, with his little smile and his soft voice, but NO, he is secretly a very mean person. Les Mis - It Seems to Me [spoilers warning]

"I died at the last one!" < so did Javert...

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Les Miserables gone Disney Fun Fact: Lea Salonga singing voice of Mulan also played Eponine on Broadway

My favorite is the last one. :) lol

Javert -- a cartoon interpretation by Kate Beaton. Yes, I'm a sucker for historical and literary comedy. And Kate Beaton is great at both!