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I can hardly believe this is really a quilt. It's called "The Batik and the Iris" by by Barbara Barrick McKie.

Yellow Iris on a batik background - an art quilt by Barbara Barrick McKie

A beleza dispensa descrição.

This early sunrise/sunset background inspires me to free-motion quilting.

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Original pattern, ZeBra quilt using tsukineko fabric inks By Sherrie Cahill 2013 (Comment previous pinner & it is stunning)

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What if we made the skirt into small handwritten prayers, for the birthday girl, or someone going on a trip, starting college.

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Journal Quilt by Judith G.Glover Art Quilts at the Quilt Festival, Rosemont, Illinois - April 2008 - Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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"One-Block Wonder" made from only one print fabric. Each block is 6 triangles forming a kaleidoscope via "fussy cutting" of 6 copies of the same bit of the print. Brilliant job by QuiltnChik

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Vicky's formal flower garden with hexagons using civil war reproduction fabric. I found a picture in an Australian quilting magazine to use as example. I'm still working on enlarging to oversize lap quilt. I will hand quilt.

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Idea in her Flower Power book. Beautiful pattern- doesn't look too terribly complicated either!