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awww looking back i wish things had gone differently for roy...hes such a good person at heart and i think hell finallllly get the chance to show it...

Thanks to Oliver, Roy is very good at slapping water

I honestly can't tell the difference.. #NewGirl

Mentally Dating Nick Miller

I honestly can't tell the difference. -lol the title of this pin says mentally dating nick miller--how bout no.

Him checking her roots at the end is one of my very favorite things. #Arrow

I keep your secret😂😂😂Arrow - I had to pin this. One of my favorite Felicity moments :)

Some Things Never Change...Except Maybe The Space Between Them

HHH, do you know that Stephen Amell post memes of himself on his FB page. That's why I love him.

#StephenAmell #Arrow   I love him! He is so funny and he is amazing as the Arrow!

Jelena 🌟 on

Stephen Amell<-------- I want a picture with the Arrow!

never dought  oliver queen<< hahaha look how this person spelled doubt, it's almost as funny as this post lol

Then barry gets shot in the back with 2 arrows, and Oliver says, "I heard you can heal fast." Then Oliver pulls the 2 arrows out of barry.

Stephen Amell

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Stephen Amell on Jimmy Kimmel he was soo excited!

This scene just hurts my heart because I know he was just trying to pretend. Though, it was the truth!!

oh they so cute, a computer geek and a green superhero, so so cute, I always thought that from the beginning they would have been together, but date wasn't the case.


Just suddenly BAM OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Worst thing as being a fangirl: You can't plan when a new OTP is about to come into your life and ruins everything

#MemeMonday -Stephen

Um maybe supergirl can help. Shit -calls barry- "hey dude can you get me to supergirl plz.thanks dude".