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And yesterday the new man in the White House/ the new President declared,'What we have done for women and minorities is a good thing, but we must respond to those who feel discriminated against...This is a psychologically difficult time for the so-called angry White man.'

Black Feminist Breathing Chorus — Our first meditation is based on June Jordan’s.

I was watching MSNBC on location in Cuyahoga County Ohio this morning with Chris Jansing, heart swelling with pride at seeing all of those black voters streaming in and out of the polling place. These were the type of voters that republicans in Ohio,...

The state of Alabama announced that it will no longer be issuing drivers licenses in predominately African American counties. This is extremely problematic because Alabama now requires a photo ID t.

Nov 9 University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigns.  The president of the University of Missouri System says he is resigning amid student criticism of his handling of racial issues.  | KSL.com

3 Lessons From University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe’s Resignation: The administrators created a world in which universities revolve socially, politically and economically around the exploited labor of football. Now let them reap what they sow.

In a candid speech, the president laid out his take on politics today.

What Obama still doesn’t get about American politics

AP News - In Illinois, Obama issues an appeal for political unity

Noam Chomsky, el hombre que predijo el ascenso de Trump, ahora vaticina una crisis económica

Noam Chomsky: The Doomsday Clock Is on the Verge of Striking 12


you know how much I adore using paint chips in creative ways (see old posts). I love how the fresh "Art installation" of chips accents the handwoven carpet.


President Obama Has Opportunity to Nominate a Hopi Judge to Supreme Court

Poppytalk: 9 Summer House Ideas Under $30K

9 Summer House Ideas Under $30K

Maybe a tad over Tiny Home, but the vibe is there: "The Rural Studio's House is so cheap and has such innovative design that it's changing the entire housing systemfrom mortgages to zoning laws.