10 Disneyland Meals for $10, dining options for staying on budget at Disneyland.

10 Disneyland Meals for $10

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25 secret things most people don't know about Disney parks. The next time that you visit Disney, knowing these secrets will give you an entirely new perspective. Disneyland Facts Disney World.

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- Splash Mountain in Critter Country features a five-story, free-fall plunge at a angle into a splash pool at a speed of 40 miles per hour.

That's 5 mph slower than Thunder Mountain!!!

Disney Fun Fact Even at it's fastest, Space Mountain never goes faster than miles per hour. My fav ride :)


This makes my heart melt. Disney is a Magical Place. This makes my heart melt.

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Did you know that Disneyland purchased used gas lamps from around the country for use on Main Street? They got the lamps for really cheap, because every city had already moved over to electrical lights. Read more Disneyland secrets in our eBook.

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Disney Fun Fact: The asphalt in Disneyland is actually a mixture of asphalt and rubber, making it more comfortable for guests to walk on. How considerate!