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Short Hairstyles for Black Women - Black Babes with Beautiful Natural Curly Afro Hair - Vinuss Virgin Hair Supplier

1969 | This ad appeared in Black women’s magazines, in 1969: "These are the girls of Black Beauty—New York’s newest model agency. They weren’t born models. Every girl learned how to coax every lash, every pore into being its most beautiful. Shouldn’t you share the beauty routine that helps make their skin so flawless? Wash with Noxema, as they do, instead of soap. Noxema softens as it cleans. Fights dryness. Rinses clean. Medicates to help clear surface blemishes with an exhilarating ting."

Vintage print from Noxema's Black Beauty - Headline: “If the girls with the most beautiful skin in the world was with noxema…why shouldn’t you” This ad by Noxema, which appeared in Ebony Magazine, uses the diversity of Black women as it’s selling

Go Natural---- Black father loving his daughter and showing her what men will appreciate and admire--REAL HAIR--allowing you to stay connected with the signals from the Cosmos--Our hair, body and organs are fed messages from the Sun, Moon, Planets and Starlights--Esoteric teachings....!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads who can detangle, twist, and braid with the best of 'em! soooo cute :) Reminds me of my Dad, He knew how to get down with the get down when it came to my hair. Love & Miss you Dad!

Wash and go curls

Black girls hairstyles are natural and very specific. So, short haircuts for black women are useful. Here are the most trendy short hairstyles for black women.

Pam Grier...not necessarily vintage but beautiful none the less

Pam Grier – Pam rose to fame in the as the fiery, no-nonsense diva in blaxploitation movies such as The Big Bird Cage, Coffy and Foxy Brown. Her fantastic afro was as fierce as her attitude. No one since has made the afro look so sexy.