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Right now

I even annoyed myself! Always haha yeah but everyone goes through that phase haha

AHEM *anyone from my school looking at this hahhah screw youuuuu I love jack Dylan grazer no matter what you hooligans say*

Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, countless others.

I Swear this is so true

what's your emergency cashier:This girl showed me 20 items that costs 10 cents and she said she was going to steal it. dispatcher:we'll have a patrol officer there tomorrow Cashier: >_<

You guys would love me!

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Hate this.. They spent all their time telling to get ready, rather than getting ready...

That annoying moment when your parents rush to get you ready and when you're ready, they're not.

I do this :):):):) Its too good to not eat it. I always do and never get sick. So why shouldn't I?

"Yes, I understand completely that everyone ever has died if they eat raw cookie dough!" She says sarcastically as she has never seen anything on the news about people dying from cookie dough.

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This is the most annoying thing ever, who takes that long to type like WTF

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Teenager Post Laying in bed remembering a conversation in your head, and imagining what you should've said instead.

Haha this meeee

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Hahahahahaha this is too familiar.

I only played mario kart twice with my aunt and and let's just say I'm not the best.