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Growth and renewal happens everywhere, all the time! "bamboo close-up" by janet little

Adventure Then Pizza Unisex Tee

Adventure, then pizza! Sounds like a perfect plan to us. Unisex, gray triblend tee, women may prefer to order one size down. Leanne is 54 and wearing size small. Hailey is wearing a Medium Size ques

"[The] Liver is governed by the Hun, our ethereal soul, (or literally translated, “cloud-soul”). The Chinese text of The Golden Flower states “In the daytime the Hun is in the eyes and at night in the liver. When it is in the eyes we can see. When it is in the Liver we dream.” The Hun gives us visionary inspiration during our waking hours, and in dreams takes us into the mystical realms. It sharpens our intuition and enhances creativity." -Jen Hoy #WOOD #ELEMENTS

*TEXTURE* This zoomed in photograph of a brown tree represents texture due to the fact that trees aren't that smooth because that's how trees naturally are

Giorgio Morandi 1890-1964, CORTILE DI VIA FONDAZZA, signed oil on canvas

bofransson: Courtyard on Via Fondazza Giorgio Morandi - 1954