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Friends with benefits

For those girls that are FwB 👍👌👏👏 I will never be your friend with benefits your not going to treat me like you love me then dont ever get together

Tell the truth. Are many are there?

You'd be surprised how many other women men are saying the exact same thing to. They cant even be original. They just copy and paste the same thing to everyone! So funny.

It’s not that I don’t believe in love, I’m a very strong believer in it actually, I’m just deathly terrified that it doesn’t believe in me.


Well this is just mean. Sadly true, I do feel. I wish I could re-live my life, know then what I know now. Cause there was a window in time when it could have been possible.

So true...

I am still holding on love quotes quotes quote sad heart broken relationship quotes girl quotes quotes and sayings image quotes picture quotes just because I still have hope for you

Pessimistically cynical as it might be, the best matching sound background for this, I believe, is Simon and Garfunkel's "I am a rock"... How does attach sounds to those?

This is really sad. But in the world we leave in its truth. Few people can actually be trusted. This quote inspires me to be a better person. Someone who truly cares and others know they can rely on. Because I don't want to make anyone feel like that

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Friends With Benefits quotes - Too many women are settling for 'friends with benefits' even though they really want a relationship. If you want more tell them or move on Read more quotes and sayings about Friends With Benefits.

Found all in one guy

No, I havent met mr. but i have met, mr liar mr player mr asshole & mr douchebag

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It's funny how we fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. definitely the most unexpected time

Lordy duncha know it! And you learn to be thankful & so grateful you went thru, not around over nor under but through :) Ms Ten Boom your confessional vulnerable yet strong heart & thoughts assist the multitudes daily...

I lost my oldest best friend today.she was still young & had so much life left! It's hard to believe she's gone & it's definitely hitting me hard.😭💔 If nothing else, I hope you get to be with your Mom, Dad, & Grandpa again, RIP!