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Short problems

LOL idk if "hot" is a "compliment" i want to receive but i still don't like being called cute! -_- short girl problems I understand your pain! Though I've already gotten used to being called cute, I don't get as insulted by it as I used to!

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You kidding right! No, No you are (Do you think I lie about my age or are you just stupid?

5'1" :D  See More:    http://wdb.es/?utm_campaign=wdb.es&utm_medium=pinterest&utm_source=pinterst-description&utm_content=&utm_term=

Yeah :/<<< and I'm still growing, there's hope for me yet.<<<yeah im and a half buut im still growing SO I HAVE HOPE

I'm only 5'2 1/2" ( the half is every important to me) and I only am taller than about 5 people naturally in my grade but when I wear heels it's maybe like 7? That is if they don't wear heels...

I'm only " and I am only taller than about 3 people naturally in my grade but when I wear heels it's maybe like That is if they don't wear heels.


The sad part is when u find you swinging them while ur on the pot and u suddenly feel 3 yrs old

I'm not short by no means, but this made me laugh because it made me think about all my short friends and about how true this actually is! @Mary Kate Ingram @Leah Kouvelos @Anna Hall

i HATE when short people complain about this. TALL PEOPLE PROBLEM you get happy when you see people taller than you!

short people problem you have to ask a stranger to help you get something from the top shelf at the grocery store!< I've had to this multiple times in the movie store. Then I struggle to put it back if I don't want it.

Everytime I go shopping

For real! -__- Pretty sure they should have extra short jeans for the vertically challenged.