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natureisthegreatestartist:  What’s this? A Phacelia. The flowers are unusually attractive. And bees love them.

"USA, California, Death Valley National Park“ by Danita Delimont - detail of phacelia plant in bloom. >>> More for the Fairy Garden!

The Scariest Seedpod

One of the most deadly plant toxins, abrin, is produced by rosary pea (Abrus precatorius). As little as of toxin per body weight will cause fatality in humans (a single seed). Birds appear to be unaffected by the deadly toxin.

Carnival of color: 30 of the most incredible multi-colored flowers in the world

Carnival of color: 30 of the most incredible multi-colored flowers in the world

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid - by Al Whitaker, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid Minnesota Landscape Arboretum - G-d was in a techno-color glory mood- don't you agree?Oh Batty, why don't MY slippers look like that?

С ягодами!

RHS old seed: Hypericum (St John's Wort) Great shade plant. Moderately fertile mbwd soil in sun or partial shade. Sow seed in a cold frame in autumn. Very tough plant, good for dry clay. Grows into a small shrub

Winter Baubles

Physalis, chinese lantern (Physalis alkekengi, or the Chinese lantern, dries during spring. Once it is dried, the bright red fruit is seen.

fractal fern

Texture and Pattern: Close up of a Fern Frond.which will open into a Fern leaf, or in this case many leaves.

Blue Bell Tunicate (Trailing African Daisy). Native to South Africa. Great to grow in warmer climates

Here are pictures of some rare flowers, enjoy! Blue Bell Tunicate Flower Power Luscious Lotus Purple Foxglove Orchid in the Blue passion flo.

The Moth-Orchid -- Phalaenopsis -- Black Eyes; byAnubis, via Flickr

The Moth-Orchid -- Phalaenopsis -- Black Eyes.I believe I see a cat face in this orchid.

Black bat flower--Nina, do you have this? I don't think I do, but the color is gorgeous and it's just so unique!

Black Bat Flower I am not sure whether it's the WHOLE flower that's the bat (it looks kind of bat-faced) or the middle part (pistil?) that also looks a bit like a tiny bat face. I love orchids; I love bats; and I love purple.


Amazing Rose Photos for America's Most Popular Plant

~ A Polka Dot Rose ~ painting the roses red or spattered blood, either way, love it.

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beauty-rendezvous: “ Bromeliad (Aechmea chantinii) ‘Black’ (by graphicgreg) ”