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Chibi Belle by Jennifairyw on deviantART

"Tale as old as time." Little chibi Belle Growing up she was always my favourite Disney Princess I really enjoyed drawing her, especially her little d.

What is this? She didn't even end up with him...which i never understood as a child. I always liked the goat though.

Do you like esmeralda and Quasimodo in this chibi version? Credits to Princekido obviously!Wallpaper and background photos of The Hunchback of Notre Dame CHIBI for fans of Walt Disney Characters images.

Love chinos drawings gonna practice

50 Chibis Disney : Rox & Rouky (The fox and the hound) by David Gilson

Who is you'd favorite princess

Chibi princess and girls Disney Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas), Wendy (Peter Pan), Amelia (Treasure Planet) ,Melody(The little mermaid Rapunzel .

Do you like this chibi version of Dug, the lovely speaking dog from Pixar UP?Wallpaper and background photos of Dug from UP, CHIBI for fans of Walt Disney Characters images.