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Today marks the anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts, which took place on May Happy International Harry Potter Day!

Happy Potter and the Goblet of Giggles or Happy Potter and the Order of Puppies, they were both so good!

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Happy Potter and the Goblet of Giggles and Happy Potter and the Order of Puppies so funny! I can't stop laughing anymore hahahaha

Pretty god damm bad some fucking 11  year olds did that... even worse six years later they take down Voldemort! Thee guy they couldn't

I just imagine themselves having to comfort each other by reminding that these three eleven year olds are disturbingly talented- a genius, an ace flier, a genius chess player and all three of them unusually good at being in these situations.

No guys you don't understand. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my year of French is telling me that the time they use the full description of the wand, it translates to the "magic baguette". So the proper name for wand in French is pretty much "magical stick of bread."


ok i speak french and i can testify that baguette is my favorite thing about harry potter in french (and tom elvis riddle)

I got drunk one night and renamed this cute guy in my phone Neville Longbottom. I don't know why...

Neville Longbottom: Fighting Voldemort in a cardigan, like a boss.

This is so accurate

I'm pretty sure the Hufflepuffs are the ones trying not to pee, not the Gryffindors. Just sayin. Hufflepuffs have fine patience, it's the Gryffindors that need work.

Harry Potter jokes...never get old

expecto patron-um haha vanquish those bad things in life


harry effin potter collection on imgfave.

So wish that scene had been in the movie. One of my favorite parts of the last book.

Luna had five friends, that's it. But she was loved by every reader, some of which only had a friend in her and her friends.

Harry Potter is immortal.

All we need is a tv show. That could be the The unintentional Harry-horcrux