Anna <3 Merry's Synthetic Dreads <3 love this... wondering if I should leave bangs this time

Love the way her brown hair looks in well done, clean dreads. The only way I'd do dreads. I like the way she kept her bangs out!

40 Adorable Hippie Hairstyles to Make You Look Cool |

40 Adorable Hippie Hairstyles to Make You Look Cool

I know I could never pull this off, but I would love to have this look.

I know this is one of those things people either love or hate, but I definitely love dreads on white girls.

Ombre (couleur 1613) Dreadlocks Double terminé synthétique Dread Extensions 20-25 pouces - comme la vraie ! 1 paquet = ensemble dextensions de dread synthétiques clos le doubles = 45 dreads clos le doubles (90 au total) Ces dreads peuvent être tressés dans les cheveux ou montés avec élastique pour faire des chutes.

or FULL SET synthetic double ended dreadlocks hair extension OMBRE black to brown to blonde dread inches dreads Basilisk de se

FULL KIT natural looking fluffy style synthetic by dreadsbyAja

unsure about real dreads? You can get very realistic temporary synthetic extensions to see how you like them first! Kind of thinking about temporarily dreading my hair?

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