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azuma makoto. alter nature (frozen pine)

Alter Nature: We Can - Makoto Azuma - frozen pine 2010 in frozen pine, a commission, a bonsai pine tree is ‘freeze-sprayed’ and presented in an especially designed refrigerator

Bracket Fungus - no one can give you a color palette like nature!

bracket fungus // ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ: pranapotions // ɪɢ: POTIONS ॐ You are Loved


✯ I can remember being with the outdoor ed group years ago and finding a great big orb spider and running to find someone to show them, only to find that it had disappeared! they are the most beautiful spiders and create webs of art just like these.

Winter Pinks

Best Countries for Beer

This a picture of a cherry blossom in the snow. This links into my theme of 'green' because in this picture the cherry blossom flowers are exactly the same as they are in other seasons but the only thing different is that there is snow on the plant.