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*cat screech* Clint yelping* Muffled cursing*

THIS needs to happen soon! XD XD this is hilarious.<<<<And as he's marveling about Thor's hammer in his hand the shield comes back and bonks him on the head

Oh I can imagine it. FOX "News" can't get over the fact that Captain America cursed in public and it's clear that they disapprove, but they can't say it because saying anything negative about Cap on a major station is career suicide so they kinda just stare at each other. Meanwhile more sensible networks relish the fact that Cap just cursed and enjoy the irony of the "America, Fuck Yeah" reference.>>>PERFECT

But Cap wouldn't have the strength to even say the f word! He would probably say, "Oh yeah!" Remember, this is Captain Steve "Language" Rogers.<<<hun he was a soldier you can bet ur ass he'll say the f word

The show scenes from Captain America first avenger were the musical :D

WHERE IS MY AVENGERS MUSICAL? Also, can we just talk about the fact that these people can actually sing? They must sound like glitter and happiness. <--- Glitter and happiness?

But, you have to be worthy. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America starts lifting it. But he holds back. (Yes, I know it only nudged). But he holds back.

DUDE YOU GUYS SCIENCED MJOLNIR - is it bad that every time I read "fixed point in time" I was thinking doctor who?<--The Doctor is worthy! << Are we just going to ignore this part: "The hook is worthy" "Peter Pan would disagree"?

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I don't have anything against Sharon. Sharon's cool and her few lines in CATWS were awesome. However, I really wanted to get to know who she was not just have a romantic subplot because because. Also, I would have liked a more self sufficient trilogy, which would have been better served by a more developed Sharon Carter with a possible romantic subplot in future movies.

True but I don't hate Sharon tho<< I don't hate Sharon (in fact I kind of like her) but the kiss between Stever and her was completely unnecessary and forced.

It's even better when you realize that it's implying what happened in the first IronMan movie

*Headcanon* Because, hidden under that armor, is an intense loyalty that no one really talks about.

I'm stage five. I stay to the end of EVERYTHING because I don't trust anyone anymore. Heck, there was an end scene for FROZEN!! I even waited to the very end of Mockingjay!

I'm stage four<< Me too<<<<<Me three <<<< Marvel has given me trust issues. I now want to watch the credits of every movie I see!<<<I'm stage three >_> Marvel have given me trust issues too