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My sister hates me for this rant.But it does remove the point ! He's supposed to be angelic and butter wouldn't melt pure.

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i don’t think people understand that people can ‘love’ you and not actually love you. Loving someone like a prized possession is a very different thing from loving someone like a person you care about. http://flomation.tumblr.com/post/162418948428/thefingerfuckingfemalefury-cameoappearance

I want my kids to always be treated fairly and lovingly. this post definitely taught me something else that I need to teach them

Sirens: Sherlock season 5 and endlessly fan fics Me: *Canon ball into the water faster than light*

I was thinking about it when I read it and then I finished and everything just clicked

Unrealized preferences: colors and sexualities<<same with me figuring out I was ace. I always said I was straight and then I gradually learned that nope I'm actually ace.>>>>>>Oh, I'm definitely straight.


Oscar Wilde, Chill

I love Oscar Wilde! Seriously, go read about him. Then read his poem Ravenna. He's amazing. #tattoofunny

/*My sole mission when I entered that tattoo shop yesterday was to make Oscar Wilde's ghost approve of me.) *OW nodding in the distance*

These aliens speak my language… IM WAY TO FUCKING LITERAL

These aliens speak my language… IM WAY TO FUCKING LITERAL

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Imagine Oscar Wilde on Twitter—truly insufferable.

Imagine Oscar Wilde on Twitter—truly insufferable.