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Double standards

Link or Marth? Just kidding, haha~ With the Smash Bros series comes a mixture of different franchises & characters;

(33) legend of zelda | Tumblr

Finished Wind Waker HD, started Super Mario World and noticed this Nintendo double standard

hey! luigi what do you want? for your luigi day. i want a 1up!! super cool it is  nice its good. super cute.   thats nice luigi.

luigi what do you want? for your luigi day. thats nice luigi. Too bad year of luigi is over

Game Kart Interference by AmazingArtistYellow.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt  ........and so, that is the story of how Pit was banned from ALL Mario Kart races.

Can this plzzzzzz be a thing? Pit needs to be dlc and so does the exotank (where should i pin this.

I did a collab with not one, not 3.5, but two different people! They are and (Wow, I've never done a collab with these two before : P).  [My Patreon] 

Tbh Zelda & Peach will probably get along fine (As seen in SSBB's Adventure mode) Read Zelda's text before Peach's; It'll make more sense (Super Princess Peach is a reference to Peach's game) I.

You Can Transform? by Gabasonian

Loosely based off Smash Bros where Zelda can turn into Sheik by using Down + B. Here Peach thinks Sheik is male but in the Smash Bros series Sheik's female (look at t.