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Snottebel   Snotkoker.

Funklist is one of the best top 10 lists website, Funklist cover almost everything in top 10 lists with funky style.

This tombstone takes the... cake. so.... over her dead body?

This tombstone takes the... cake.

Kay's Fudge Recipe - The tombstone is a Marble slab and this photo was sent to "Everything's Relative" in Family Tree Magazine, by Dan Convery, Modesto, Calif. in the June 2006 issue - I want my cookie recipe on my headstone. This is amazing

Elvis Presley's family grave site

Elvis Presley's family grave site

All the time. Then I have to eat like 100 herbs lol.

What is running away, I usually just have a healing spell and a leveled sword

Skyrim: Beginning vs. End

Skyrim: Beginning vs. End

A fantastic comic by George Rottkamp and Tristan Cooper from Dorkly taking a look at how players handle various situation at the beggining vs. the end of Skyrim

Gary Leon Ridgway, the Green River killer, pleaded guilty and was sentenced in 2011 for his 49th killing, of Becky Marrero, who vanished after leaving a SeaTac motel in 1982. (Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)

The sister of Gary L. Ridgway’s victim is angry that the notorious Green River killer has been moved to an out-of-state prison where he has more freedom and social contacts.

Dovahkiin daggers and the amour Smith

The Dragonborn requires only the finest armor. View "The Ultimate Skyrim Armor" and more funny posts on Dorkly


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