Pendant by Eva Haskova. I love the colors.

Eva Haskova, from the Czech Republic, has applied what looks to be the edges of stacks into a contemporary design for a simple but eye-catching pendant. She uses just a little repetition of line and color and a simple single accent.

Bavarian Crème Collection - 2013  "Bangles Two"

Bavarian Crème Collection - 2013 "Bangles Two" Eva Marie Keiser Designs

Sapphire Patchwork Pendant by Angela Gerhard. The rectangular shape has a center of copper that has been hand-embossed in a hydraulic press to have an asymmetrical patchwork pattern. It is enameled and fired several times on both sides, and hand-stoned in-between each firing to reveal the raised copper pattern.

Patchwork Series Pendant in Sapphire Blue and Mint Green by Angela Gerhard--So loving the enamel thing


Chain maille Centipede pendant necklace with metallic purple beads by TattooedAndChained,