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Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto of Floto+Warner Studio created this amazing series of photos titled “Clourant” which features images of splashing colourful liquids captured in mid-air. The duo used a shutter speed of 1/3,200th of a second…

Beautiful Photographs of Colorful Liquid Splashes Captured in Mid-Air

colourant by cassandra warner & jeremy floto Warner and Floto capture pigmented liquid mid-air with photographs that are taken at of a second.

Happy Friday

Andrew Hall: Light, Liquid, and the Fleeting Moment

Shinichi Maruyama présente Water Sculptures et Kusho - Journal du Design

Shinichi Maruyama présente Water Sculptures et Kusho

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Limited Edition Photograph, 'Silence/Shapes by Filippo Minelli for sale

World-renowned graphic designer Alberto Seveso has created an unusual collection of images in a few hours spread all over the world and caused a wide resonance among connoisseurs of photography. No one could believe that this is a live picture without the use of computer graphics. Do you think that's shown in these photos? So impressive results achieved by mixing two colors ... the ink in the water. It seems incredible, huh? In fact, it's simple: I used a high-speed camera and endless…

Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso, well, get ready. His latest series of underwater ink photographs is entitled a due Colori and they are simply breathtaking. The images are made by taking high-speed photographs of two colors of ink mixing with water.

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What Kind Of Fabric Is Your Personality?

Yuki Fujisawa by ColorCollective. Love this one, Pantone 2016 like and looks soo cool!

Paint on top of photographs to physically manipulate them, paint clouds over peoples faces

Paint-over-Photo Collage A photo has been printed, then pastel paint was painted over the face. I like the simplicity of this collage, but it still looks really nice. If I were to do this form, I would do it as a series.

Paint On A Drill - stop motion...

Paint On A Drill

‘Black Hole’ – Great colorful photographs of paint being flung by centrifugal force by Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner who in this latest project, combined a metallic rod with an electric drill, covered in paint.