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dangerous situation # construction work on beam # high balancing act in the middle of the city.

Obviously this man has no fear of heights New York City Iron Worker

Believe in the city

New York // Black and Whited. It truly is the City that never sleeps. Add to that the most magical and where all your dreams can come true. This is precisely why everyone wants a bite of the big apple.

Would love to be in times square for new years one year.....too cool

A city of dreams. A city that makes dreams a reality. A city I will one day call home.

NYC - Birds eye view of Manhattan ~ Rooftopping

The trend, called Rooftopping, has thousands of photographers climbing to the top of the world's tallest skyscrapers for an unrestricted, bird's-eye view of the street below.well,this is going in the *nope* file.

NYC......The Heart Of The World (My Opinion)

new york city. an awesome place .to visit. My favorite place!

New York… Concrete jungle by Sicily McLaughlin

New York… Concrete jungle by Sicily McLaughlin

New York City Boroughs ~ Brooklyn The Empire State Building framed by the Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO