Homemade Strawberry Pretzel Ice Cream

Wow your family and friends with this homemade strawberry pretzel ice cream inspired by the classic Strawberry Pretzel Salad dessert!

Raspberry Zinfandel Sorbet | Community Post: 25 Sorbet Recipes That Will Make You Want To Give Up Ice Cream

Raspberry Zinfandel Sorbet

Raspberry Zinfandel Sorbet with dark chocolate squares. Wow, great easy dessert for entertaining!

GrApEfRuIt PoMeGrAnAtE cHaMpAgNe SoRbEt: Grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice, sugar, champagne, lemon juice.

Grapefruit, pomegranate, and champagne sorbet . why did I never think of champagne in sorbet?

Blackberry Sorbet

Brombeer Eis

Blackberry Sorbet with our Blackberry Smoothies.a perfect pairing for your…

Levendulás nektarin sorbet - Lavender nectarine sorbet

Lavender and peach sorbet - amazing summertime dessert, peaches are SO ripe right now!

Sorbetto alle More

Sorbetto alle More

Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet - served on a Lemon halve w/ a pansy garnish. Pretty & delicious great idea for our bakery

White Peach Rose Sorbet | Heather Christo

White Peach and Rose Sorbet

Need to make with Vitamix, frozen white peaches, rosewater, honey - no sugar. White Peach Rose Sorbet by Heather Christo