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Herat Afghanistan

"Islam teaches the world how to treat all Outsiders"; photo opportunities taken by Steve McCurry, from capturing the pain suffered by slaves living their hell out in Herat, Afghanistan

Fine Art Prints | Steve McCurry

Discover the gallery of photos taken by Steve McCurry on the occasion of the Overseas Tour in partnership with Vacheron Constantin

Steve Mc Curry – portraits

Steve Mc Curry – portraits

Steve McCurry -Cammino di San Francesco  Italy - "The St Francis Way takes an ancient Roman road between Florence and Rome following in the footsteps of Saint Francis across stunning and peaceful countryside, passing important Franciscan sites such as Assisi and Rieti, in Umbria. The Cammino di Francesco or St Francis Way finishes at the Vatican and has been followed by many pilgrims inspired by the life St Francis of Assisi."

Steve McCurry -Cammino di San Francesco Italy - "The St Francis Way takes an…

Kuwait | Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry - A dying horse wanders in the burning oil fields, Al Ahmadi Oil Fields, Kuwait, 1991


Steve McCurry :: "Solvitur ambulando" (To solve a problem, walk around. Jerome / Bamiyan province, Afghanistan, n.