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so you walk up this path through soft dappled light and every step is a new step and every breath is a new birth.and you just walk a path.through light and shadow and now and then a friend joins you

If only there were a bench by that tree.

Pretty photo of a nature walking trail with purple flowers in a peaceful forest in Derbyshire, England by Matt Oliver photography.

I wanna walk and not run; I wanna skip and not fall; I wanna look at the horizon -  And not see a building standing tall.  I wanna be the only one - For miles and miles,  Except for maybe you... And your simple smile.  Oh it sounds good to me...

I just want to be home, a place where i find peace and comfort. Where beauty is everywhere you look and is natural. The air is crisp and fresh. The only sounds you hear are animals and leaves blowing in the trees. Country roads take me home.