Orin by Andrew-Ross-MacLean

Orin by Andrew-Ross-MacLean on DeviantArt

Ludwig The Holy Blade art Bloodborne

Ludwig The Holy Blade art Bloodborne

RUMBLE by Andrew-Ross-MacLean on DeviantArt

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Dock Guard by NeverRider on DeviantArt

Tusken Raider by Mike Mignola. Different but awesome.

Star Wars - Tusken Raider by Mike Mignola

MageeFX is operated by Patrick Magee. Ever since a very young age Patrick has always been fascinated with monsters. Huge influences on his monster making career have been AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, THRILLER, ALIENS, and PREDATOR. Patrick has the typical interests of most FX artists, he was always drawing, sculpting, and painting at a very young age.   For the very best Masks and Mayhem visit us at: http://www.lordgrimley.com

Meg Mucklebones from "Legend" When I was a kid I remember having a dream about this goblin and not remembering where it was from. It was good and creepy. And then when I was slightly older and rewatching Legend I was like Ohhhhhhhh yaaaaa.

Horror Icons

an full colour multi-character commission for Mattie-san of a selection of some of his favourite Horror-related 'monsters' (used loosely for some of the characters) NOTE: since this is a comm.

Inktober #14 - Hekatonkheires by eoghankerrigan.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Inktober - Hekatonkheires by eoghankerrigan

HEAVY METAL by Andrew-Ross-MacLean

Heavy metal by Andrew MacLean

HEAD LOPPER at IMAGE in September by Andrew-Ross-MacLean.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Image Firsts Head Lopper 1