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FREE Paper Polyhedron Pattern~ Students use the pattern to trace and cut out colored pieces of card stock to make this clever craft. Check out the post for helpful tips.

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Paper Polyhedron

This is the coolest paper craft we've ever done. Cut paper and add a little patience and a lot of determination and you've made yourself a paper polyhedron ball. Here's what you need for this project:

Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists: Kindergarten stamp printing: Architecture

Kindergarteners learned about different kinds of architecture. We used stamp printing techniques to create the geometric shapes that make up a building. grade or kindergarten art project BLUE PRINTS

The World Map With Place Names Changed To Their Original Meanings…

The World Map With Place Names Changed To Their Original Meanings…Great Britain 'Land of the Tattooed people.

These colorful polyhedrons teach important problem solving skills during their construction, and they make great classroom decorations!

Math in Art – 15+ STEAM Projects!

These are amazing. This might be a good group project and keep for display in the school. Art in the Big Green Room: grade Polyhedrons Art Class,Art education ideas & stuff.,Art ideas,Art Lessons t

tarjeta de corazon 3D

paper pop up heart tutorial. This fun 'How to diy' uses a paper card, envelope, confetti and washi masking tape. This is a fun idea for love letters, snail mail and as a decorated letter.

Nevelson inspired art; make the first 4 cuts together to make a box, then have them use strips to create a relief sculpture

"Nevelson inspired art I can't take credit for this project. My friend Kristi originally taught it and shared it with our "art teacher" group. 1 day 1 hour art session I introduce the kids to Nevelson's work. " by Lockhart williams

Ice cream cone paper mache - The Calvert Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art! syrofoam cup for cone

Paper Polyhedron Model Templates

An resource: : A fairly large list of polyhedra and their net to be cut in paper with pdf documents available.

3D paper snowflakes look beautiful hanging in a window or on a wall, and they're an easy winter craft, perfect for Christmas    STEPS   1. ...

{yucky gray = more crafting} paper snowflake project-did these with my daughters whole first grade class, they were so excited to make something so big!