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Brotherly love. Haha! This one is for my Lukas and Olivia..this is how far apart in age they are and they even look like these two.

This made me smile! (and actually laugh out loud a little- mostly b/c I can TOTALLY! see my kid doing this to his sister!

And then i died laughing...God bless this mother for having both her kids out with wisdom teeth- HAHAHAHA OMG LITERALLY DYING I LAUGHED THE WHOLE TIME

"MOM, Who is she?" "It's your sister." "I've never seen her before mom." HAHAHA DIED LAUGHING AT THIS! God bless this mother for having both of her kids get there wisdom teeth out at the same time! Funniest thing you will ever watch!

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stuff that's totally making me laugh...making me cry...making me shake my booty.

heeeeeyyyyy, sexy lay-day!! (things that are rockin’ my world right now)

Parents give their kids the worst Christmas gifts and film their reactions. I actually think this is kinda cruel. Not funny. But the kid with the potato? Omigosh HE'S AWESOME! He is the only one that made me even smile LOL

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DC Kids designer Dolores Cortes said she chose baby model Valentina Guerrero, who has Down syndrome, because "all children deserve the same opportunities."

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Things Kids Say And Do : theBERRY

It’s a kid thing (16 photos)

2 Year old problems: cinnamon rolls aren't instant. <- that's a problem for all ages.