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Casa del Condestable / Tabuenca  Leache, Arquitectos

Gallery of The Condestable's House / Tabuenca & Leache, Arquitectos - 7

FU House

FU House

Located in the Japanese city of Shunan, FU House is a striking project by Kubota Architect Atelier; known for their penchant for absolute geometry, an.

Villa Necchi Campiglio - Piero Portaluppi

Milan Villa Necchi, being the head of an industrial dynasty in Italy had its…

Noh House

Noh House / Koji Tsutsui Architect & Associates

Built by Koji Tsutsui Architect & Associates in , Japan with date Images by Masao Nishikawa. The Noh House was built for a Noh performer within a quiet residential area in Tokyo. The traditional Japanese musica.

Caruso St. John, Studio House, London, 1994 www.carusostjohn.com/

John - Studio house (architect’s own house), North London Caruso St. John is the subject of the latest El Croquis.