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Spider research sheet for Grade 3

How Early Exposure to D affects your life, a Flowchart for Geeks and those who love them:  Yeah... that's me.  Except for the "Back in the basement by yourself" bit, oh, and the GIRLS bit, since I am, in fact, a GIRL.

Lessons in Conveying Complex Ideas with Simple Graphics from the World’s Best Information Designers

'Geek Love,' The New York Times, newspaper article, 2008 Exposed to Dungeons & Dragons Early in Life. Art Direction: Brian Rea Exposed to Dungeons & Dragons Early in Life.

My most famous drawing, and one of the first I did for the site

xkcd 10 - My most famous drawing, and one of the first I did for the site

Imaginary Numbers

xkcd My relationship with math hasn't changed. I've just learned to accept that it's not my friend despite my love of science.

1Stack - XKCD Comics

Commitment Could be worse. The last guy in that situation fell for one of the transient trumpeting angels.

Also, after all the warnings about filling in the bubbles completely, I spent like 30 seconds on each one.

Obit of the Day: Scantron Inventor A piece of paper with lettered circles or open rectangles and a number 2 pencil.

"Our copy of the Kama Sutra has a couple mistranslations. Which we refuse to fix.

When animals have shiny feathers or fur, it's usually for some sort of visual display or communication. But what about fauna that lives underground?

Why would a blind, subterranean mole need shiny fur?

hahahaha YES please. That sounds like a good night to me. Don't get many of those nights though.

E-Cards: "I'd love to, but I already have plans to wear sweatpants and free up some space on my DVR.